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The best pregnancy pillow is design to help pregnant women to sleep well. The most notable thing about pregnant women is the size of their abdomen. If you are being pregnant, you might realize that your abdomen is growing bigger overtime. There is nothing to worry about it, since it is a natural and healthy process. If the abdomen of a pregnant woman does not grow bigger, it means that she has a problem. This condition might make you having problem finding the best position to sleep. With bigger abdomen, sleeping in your favorite position is going to be awkward. That is when this certain type of pillow comes in handy. It comes in different shape and size to provide both comfort and support for your abdomen. The following information is going to help you to choose the suitable pillow.

The Types of the Best Pregnancy Pillow

  1. Pregnancy wedge pillow

The first type of the best pregnancy pillow is called as pregnancy wedge pillow. As the name of this product suggest, it is literally a wedge shaped pillow. Compared to other maternity pillow, this one is the cheapest. The size of wedge pillow is relatively small and thin. The design of it allows you to get various comfortable positions. Slip it under your abdomen to give it more support. It also helps to maintain the position of your back and hips. Alternatively, you can also slip it under your pillow. By doing so, you elevate the position of your head. It promotes good blood circulation from your head. Therefore, it is capable of reducing the risk of headache when you sleep.

  1. Straight full-length pillow

The straight full-length pillow can also be used as the best pregnancy pillow. Most of these pillows are designed to be flexible. Therefore, you are capable of bending it easily to suit your need. You can hug and cuddle this certain pillow when you slip. Put one of your hands and one of your arms under this pillow. This position allows you to get the support for your abdomen. It support whole of your body. Alternatively, you can also put it on your back to balance the weight of your body. By using this pillow, you do not need head pillow any more. The length of this pillow is usually up to six feet long.

  1. C-shaped pregnancy pillow

Besides those maternity pillows, you can also purchase c-shaped pregnancy pillow. It is relatively the same as the previous pillow. The differences are located on how to use and the shape of the pillow it. C-shaped pillow is obviously has the shape that resemble letter C. Put the top of the pillow below your head. Let the curvy shape of this pillow goes around your back. Position the base of the pillow between your legs. As the best pregnancy pillow, it provides support on your back. This unique design prevents you from backache after you wake up in the morning. You are also getting more support on your abdomen as well.

  1. U-shaped pregnancy pillow

Besides the c-shaped pregnancy pillow, the u-shaped pregnancy pillow is also the best pregnancy pillow you can purchase. It is not surprising if you find out that the pillow has u-shape. The inner part of the shape incorporates curvy contour that match human body contour. Therefore, it is not only support your abdomen but also the back of your body at the same time. You need to remember that when you use this pillow, make sure that the base of U shape is positioned under your head. Let the opening located between your legs.

Those pillows are designed to give you comfort when you sleep. Incorporating the best pregnancy pillow is going to guaranty your sleep. Headache and backache that often happen to awkward sleeping position are no longer a problem when you got the suitable pillow for it. Besides the variety of shape and size of maternity pillow, the filling of those pillows are diverse as well. The following information provides you the type and the benefits of each pillow filling.

The Filling for the Best Pregnancy Pillow

  1. Styrofoam

Styrofoam ball is the common filling for the best pregnancy pillow. It is also used as the filling for the beanbag. Cheaper maternity pillow is usually full of Styrofoam balls. Styrofoam balls have unique ability to reshape into your body contour. This ability is obviously suitable for you and your growing abdomen. Since it is made out of Styrofoam, the pillow with this filling material is usually lightweight. Unfortunately, the makes noise when you change your sleeping position. In some cases, this downside is going to make you feel uncomfortable.

  1. Polyester fiber

The best pregnancy pillow is also using polyester fiber. As it goes for Styrofoam filling, polyester fiber filling is also lightweight. It provides more support to your abdomen since it has firm characteristics. Compared to Styrofoam filling, this certain maternity pillow filling does not make noise when you move around in your sleep. The downside of this material is that it does not breathe as other material for maternity pillow filling.

  1. Micro bead filling

Micro bead filling has the same shape as Styrofoam ball filling. However, the shape of this best pregnancy pillow is relatively smaller. The diameter of the micro bead is about 1/32 inch. When you use a pregnancy pillow with this filling, you might feel that there are sands inside it. However, if you compared it to weight of ordinary sands, micro bead filling is definitely lightweight. Besides capable of adjusting to your body contour, it does not making noise when being used.

  1. Memory foam filling

Compared to other maternity pillow filing, memory foam filling is considered as the best one. When you use a pregnancy pillow with this certain filling, it takes the shape of your body contour. Due to this ability, your abdomen is capable of finding the most comfortable position. Once you lift your body, the shape of the best pregnancy pillow with this filling is returned into its original shape. It does not make any noise. Moreover, it is also lightweight. The characteristic of memory foam filling is the microscopic pores on it. Therefore, it allows the air circulation to flow easily inside it.