It has already commonly known that many people around the world like to consume alcohol and they love to drink it. This beverage is produced from fermentation process even become certain culture in some countries. Beer, wine and vodka are several kinds of alcohol which are popular among people.

Alcohol is created through fermentation process of certain ingredients such as grain, vegetables, and fruit by adding yeast to ferment the sugar in those ingredients. Fermentation is a process to change sugar in the food by using bacteria or yeast to form alcohol. It can be used for many different uses such as antiseptic, cleaner, or sedative. Several kinds of alcohol such as beer, wine, and vodka that have been stated above are included in sedative. As for the ingredient, beer is created from malted barley, wine is formed from grapes, and potatoes or other plant is uses as the ingredient for vodka.

Alcohol and pregnancy
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Due to its capability to depress the central nervous system, alcohol is classified as sedative. It can make the breathing becomes slower called respiratory depression when it is consumed too much at one time. Alcohol gives negative effect to the organ of the body depends on its concentration in the blood. However, it acts as stimulant when it is consumed at low doses.

Apart from its effect in causing someone gets drunk, when people are drinking alcohol they may feel relaxed at first, but the amount of alcohol consumed also get to the bloodstream that circulates around the body. As the effect, it can damage the liver organ, because the liver has to work hard to clear the toxin inside the body. It also can damage the brain due to its content in the bloodstream circulation to the brain that can affect how the brain works.

Alcohol, the Bad Effects for Babies of Pregnant Woman

Alcohol is inevitably included in kind of drink favored by many people from various group or class, not least by woman and pregnant woman. Alcohol consumed by woman during their pregnancy phase means that it will also be consumed by the baby in the womb. It is dangerous because it can harm the baby’s development. So, how can alcohol harm the baby?

  1. Alcohol affects organ development of fetus.

Fetal development will be disrupted and organs of the baby cannot function properly due to the content of harmful substances in alcohol. The baby’s organ of pregnant mothers who consume alcohol will grow unhealthily with less weight, because a wide variety of nutrients consumed cannot be absorbed by the baby, because those nutrients are bounded by the substances contained in the alcohol.

The pregnant mothers who consume alcohol during their pregnancy phase will disrupt the development of the brain nerve of the baby. Nerves of the brain are the central nervous. When it is disrupted it will make another nerves centered on the brain neurons will also be impaired. This will affect the mindset as well as the concentration levels of the baby.

  1. Alcohol damages the baby’s organ

When alcohol is consumed, the substances contained in alcohol can get into the amniotic fluid. This means that the substances will be exposed directly to the baby’s body. It will harm the baby in the womb, because the baby is not strong yet to receive such harmful substance from alcohol consumed by pregnant mother. The baby’s organs which are still very vulnerable to chemical substances will be damaged little by little, because the baby is still in the stage of development in the womb.

On pregnant women in their early stage of pregnancy, consuming alcohol can cause a miscarriage. The effects of the heat in the stomach of pregnant women as the result of the consuming alcohol causes the fetus in the womb cannot survive. The fetus which is embedded in the wall of the uterus disengaged and cause the mother experience a miscarriage.

  1. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders or FASDs

The bad effect of consuming alcohol during the pregnancy phase makes the babies suffer FASDs or Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders after they are born. The born babies with this kind of disorders will experience things such as abnormal face. They can have unsymmetrical eyes, mouth parts are not balanced or tilted, cleft lip, and other abnormalities.

Besides, the baby can have smaller size of head compared to the other healthy babies with no alcohol consumed during their mothers’ pregnancy. This is as a result from the impaired brain nerves which make the brain development and the head skeleton has difficulty on development. Therefore, it makes the head size of the baby is smaller than its body.

  1. The bad effects of alcohol after pregnancy phase.

The babies of pregnant mother who consume the alcohol will suffer bone disease. Because of the bone growth is disrupted, they cannot support the body on their own when they grow up. Their bones do not develop properly. Besides bone disease, the baby of an alcoholic mother will experience delayed dentition. When another normal baby in the same age has started teething, they dentition is impaired. Even if their teeth are starting to grow, it will be easily detached from the gums as a result from alcohol effect during the pregnancy phase.

The bad effect of alcohol is long term. When the baby was in the womb, the harmful substances in alcohol damages the neurological development related to speech capability. This gives a negative effect to the baby. They will also experience the delay in speaking.

Furthermore, by consuming alcohol makes the immunity system of the baby worse. They will get sick easily due to the weak immunity system they have. All matters related to the baby’s brain will be also in weak state. They will not only have a low level of intelligence due to the alcohol consumption during pregnancy, but also have difficulty when it comes to analyze something in their growing process.

Moreover, the effects of alcohol can make babies have kidney disorders and damage to the kidneys. Alcohol also makes the baby’s heart has narrowed blood vessels and they cannot grow well.