For the women who have not yet been pregnant must not know how hard it is. Beside to bring a heavy load on the belly, it will be extremely difficult for pregnant women to find a right position of sleeping or sitting. Therefore you need pregnancy pillow to make you comfortable while taking a rest in sofa, chair, or bed. The pregnant women might face this problem at the halfway of pregnancy when the body has changed and the belly is getting bigger. It will make you become more comfortable to find the best position to sleep with the big belly. However, it is not a problem if you use the pillow.

Why does Pregnant Woman Need Pregnancy Pillow?

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Pregnant woman need the pillow to support her while sleeping or sitting because not only to give a comfortable position, but also to relieve the pain and soreness. It is not easy to do some activities with big and heavy belly. It will give some tension and strain on the joints and back. Then, many companies that run a business of maternal stuffs invented and offer the product of pregnancy pillow to help pregnant women solve their problem.

It is not recommended by doctors for pregnant women to sleep lying on their back. However, to sleep on one side is not comfortable too and limit you to find the best position to sleep. Besides, to sleep on that position in long term can give you back sore. Then, with the pregnancy pillow, you can sleep conveniently. There are some types of pillow that can be used for pregnancy like the soft and cushion pillow to support your belly or the firmer one to support your back while sleeping. No matter which pillow types you choose, all of them can give good benefits for pregnant woman.

First benefit is of course to support and brace your belly to prevent any pain and sore on the back muscle or join. Second, the pregnancy pillow also can keep you from allergies. It is because the pillow is commonly made of high quality material that can prevent any skin diseases. Third, the pillow can give a relaxed sleep. If you feel comfortable with your sleep position, it definitely can bring relaxing feeling. The last, the pillow can be used not only for pregnancy, but also for breastfeeding phase. So, the pillow comes with multipurpose and convenience for any use.

How to Choose the Best Pregnancy Pillow?

Some pregnant woman must have different problem of pain because of the uncomfortable sleep position. Therefore, the pillow is designed in some types with different functions. There are a lot of designs of pregnancy pillow that are offered in many maternal stores. They are available in various sizes, shapes, material, and functions. Before you find out the tips of choosing the best pillow, you should know about the pillow types. Then, you can find the right product that suits to your need.

First type is the pillow with custom and fit body design. This pillow is designed with C shape to give a customized support that will make the pregnant woman find the most comfortable position. Besides, there are three available design for this type that are leg or back support, belly support, and head or neck support. The second type is wedge pillow that can be placed under the belly. To sleep on the side with this pregnancy pillow will decrease the pressure and sore on the back. Third type is side pillow that is designed to make your head and neck muscle feel relaxed. The proper head and neck alignment will make you more comfortable to sleep.

The fourth type is similar like the side pillow, but it is a kind of pillow that can will support your neck. The pregnant woman cannot sleep as proper as other woman. When you sleep on one of your side, the spine will not be straight because of your big belly. Then, this pillow can keep your spine relaxed and straight and give you convenient sleep. The last type for pregnancy pillow is support pillow for the back. To keep the sleep position on the side during pregnancy is not easy. Sometimes, you will roll to the other side unconsciously and make you sleep on your back. Then, to support your back comfortably, you can use this pillow.

Then, if you have understood some types of pregnancy pillow, you can find which one that fits to your need. However, if you still have no idea to choose the best pillow for you, you can look at these tips. First, you can choose the pillow type depends on which part of your body that has the most severe pain. Those some pillow types are designed to relieve different part of your body during the pregnancy like head, neck, spines, back, and leg.

Then, you must choose the pregnancy pillow with high quality material and fill. The pillow should be made of material that is organic, not contain any substance that might cause allergic, safe and soft to the skin, and easy to clean and wash. It is important to notice to keep you and your baby healthy and safe. Moreover, the size of pillow also can be another consideration. The pillow is available in various sizes, from the biggest to smallest. If you want a pillow that can support the whole body, the full body design might be good choice. However, the small pillow can support you sleep whenever you want like in the car.

Moreover, even though the small pillow can be used in any place, you might find a pillow that comes with good flexibility. The long pillow might be better than the short one, because you can use it for various positions. The last, if you do not want to pick the wrong pillow, you can consult to the doctor. The doctor must give you the best recommendation of pregnancy pillow you should choose based on your condition. You can tell the doctors about which part of your body that is the most painful when you sleep then you will get the good advice for the best pillow.