breastfeed right after birthBreastfeed right after birth might be a hard job for a new and inexperienced mother. The mother is possibly scared even to take any action because she might make a mistake in the process. It is understandable because of the pressure of new responsibility which becomes a mother herself. Through this article, we will reveal everything about breastfeeding.

You need to take a good nurse to your newborn child ever since he borns. The first 48 hours is especially important to create a connection between the mother and the baby. There are some things that you can do to make the bond even tighter.

The first thing you can do is making skin to skin contact. It is important to hug the newborn baby close to you. That’s way you can understand the baby’s body language better than ever. You can understand such cue easily, for example when the baby feels hungry, if you keep a close contact to him/her.

After getting a close contact to the baby, you might found that he is somewhat always hungry every time. Do not worry because that is a very good thing. If you do the frequent breastfeed right after birth, it will help you producing more milk in the future.

When you are breastfeeding, make sure that the baby is fully awake. It is an essential move for your baby because if he is sleeping, he will stop drinking the milk. As a result, he will lose the weight instead.

The Problem You Might Face

If nothing goes as the way you expected, it is better to call a nurse or baby consultant as fast as possible. It is crucial to avoid things on getting worse. There are some signs that the baby growth is not going really well. The first one is that the baby loses 10% or more of the weight when he is born. It is such a bad sign because baby always needs to gain the weight. Therefore, if the baby is losing the weight, there must be something wrong with him. Next, if he is very sleepy and fussy when feeding, it is better to call the consultant. Earlier is better to solve the problem as you will not face more problems afterwards.

The next problem you might face is that the baby starts to grunt after 5 minutes of breastfeeding. Besides grunt, it is usually followed by pulling of directly afterwards and even hitting the mother. It is actually not a big deal because it is just sign that he perhaps want to burp. Try to reattach the baby after it, and you will not find the problem anymore. If this method doesn’t work, you can change the side as well. The baby needs a break from one feeding to others. Get a break for about 30 minutes up to an hour. It is not good to keep feeding him the whole day. Make sure that you don’t do the breastfeed right after birth too much or too less.