Pregnancy is sometimes become one of the condition which is awaited by a parent. To check the pregnancy there are some type of test that can be taken. Most of the effective tests are done through medical actions. However it does not mean that any homemade test is not effective. Bleach pregnancy test is one of the homemade pregnancy tests that have proven the pregnancy test result to be right. Basically it is unknown when and where this method of test is done by the women. All we need to do now is to develop the way bleach can prove the pregnancy.

Bleach Pregnancy Test Guidance

bleach pregnancy test
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As you know, bleach is one of the chemical elements that are used for cleaning the clothes. It is also sued rarely because not all the clothes are needed to have very deep cleaning using bleach. The other function of the bleach is to detect the pregnancy. Many people said that bleach pregnancy test is one of the cheapest and easiest ways of testing the pregnancy. You do not need to go to the drug store for purchasing tester, or going to the clinic for having regular test of pregnancy. Bleach can give you the result which is never expected.

Not all the women are using bleach as their initial pregnancy test. It happens because not all of them are believe with the result of the bleach pregnancy test. They are tending to go to the professional and check the result with full of medical reasons. However for some people that has no time for go out and purchasing pregnancy test medical kit will tend to choose this alternative as a choice. We know that bleach is available in almost all the houses, so it becomes one of the chemical elements which is easy to get even every day. When you have no time, you can use bleach for ensuring the pregnancy.

The result of bleach pregnancy test is basically not a hundred percent effective. It happens because there are no fixed amount of how much bleach and urine to be used. The basic works of this bleach pregnancy test is by combining the bleach and the urine together. After that, the chemical reaction between these two elements will show the result. Although most of the people prove them well, but it does not has specific indicator of positive and negative result. All you will get is unclear sign that has less than 70 percent accuracy.

Guidelines for doing bleach pregnancy test are also unavailable. All the test bleach pregnancy test is basically based on the old people experience. It makes some of the medical professional are preventing woman to choose this homemade step. They are suggesting meeting the doctor directly. Or if you want to hold the test by yourself, you can purchase the tester from the nearest drugstore. It is cheaper and has better accuracy than just using the bleach as the conventional way of homemade pregnancy test.

How to Hold Bleach Pregnancy Test?

As you know, the measuring method of bleach pregnancy test is not fixed at all. There are no rules about using the specific type of health or in what time to do the test. Even the amount of bleach and urine are also never determined. If you are pretty curious with this method, you can start to prepare all the elements that you need. To ensure that everything about this test trial is running well, you can prepare a small place for the bleach, the bleach as well as your fresh urine. It is good to hold the test after you are waking up in the morning.

All the steps are quite simple. Pour some bleach into the place that has been prepared before. It can be in the small bucket or any small place that does not need too much bleach. After that, you have to mix the bleach with your fresh urine. When both of the elements are placed in a place or bucket, you can start to mix them up couple times. After sometimes, you will see the result of this bleach pregnancy test. If there are bubbles or frizzy or the liquid turn frothy, it means that you are pregnant. However if there are no strange sign at all, you have to wait to another chance.

There are some logical reasons why the bubble can appear. We know that the common testers for pregnancy are testing the amount of HCG in the urine. For the concepts of bleach pregnancy test, the bleach will not detect the HCG. However when the HCG and the bleach is having contact, it will create the toxic and forms some bubbles when they are mixed together. It means that the amount of HCG is the one and only cause of this bubble presence.

It is not fair to compare the test result of bleach pregnancy test with the other medical based test. The medical based test will use multiple concept of testing to ensure the final result. It is quite different with the bleach because it only uses a single step with no clear indicator of pregnant and no pregnant. However if you want to compare the result of this method with any other home based pregnancy test, the bleach can be one which is most accurate than the others which are also spread in the middle of society. Many people have proven that this test is effective.

Since there is no logical and medical explanation about the method, it means that the test does not have very accurate results. There are so many factors that will influence the result of the pregnancy test. These factors will be considered well when you are having the medical and professional pregnancy test. However when bleach pregnancy test is done, you will not be able to check and even notice the other factors that cause the final result of pregnancy test. Because there are no guidelines of this method of pregnancy test, you can use it in your second pregnant check, use the first pregnant test in the professional, doctor, clinic and even hospital.