There are no couples that do not want to have baby that is why the time of pregnancy is awaited by the couple especially they who are already want to take care babies. Having pregnant is actually not as simple as having sex and make it happen. It is all about the right timing, the future preparation of baby caring and pregnancy caring and so on. So, pregnancy is something which needs to be planned as good as possible. The better the planning, the greater you will enjoy the pregnancy and post natal sessions. So, have you ever consider the most appropriate time for the pregnancy?

Well, there are some arguments about the timing for the pregnancy. Each of these opinions are exists because everyone are having their own subjective viewpoint about the pregnancy. So the reason why the timing is important is because it will relate to the treatments that you need to do during the maternity. If you plan the pregnancy in your busy time, of course the caring and treatment for the baby will not be maximal. However if you choose the time when you are having so many free time, it would be useful to give better treatment and care for the baby.

Choosing Timing of Pregnancy and When to Have Sex

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Most of the people are commonly does not have the specific timing for their pregnancy. They are tending to have babies after the marriage. It is good because the couple will have the fresh and ready condition to have baby. However all the preparation and the events can be more well prepared if you are capable in choosing the timing. Based on many people experiences, it is good to be pregnant when everything you want in the marriage is already fulfilled. So what are they about?

The needs can be various. You can start pregnant when the new home that you buy is already well prepared and well decorated so you are ready to stay there. If you do multiple preparations such as preparing the labor and preparing your new home décor, it would not be very effective. So you have to make one as the priority for first. Prepare everything carefully so you are not shocked with the pregnant condition. If the home and every utility are ready, it means that you can take a rest fully around your pregnancy session. With these efforts, the health of your baby will be remaining well.

When everything’s related to your basic need of a couple is already fulfilled, you can now decide the most proper time of having sex with your husband. When to do it well so the pregnancy can be done well? You have to check all about the cycle of menstruation that is happen monthly. For most of the average woman, this condition will happen for about six day for each month. It is the session which is called by the fertile window. In this time, you will be easily pregnant because the eggs are pretty ready to be fertilized.

Fertilize window might happen in the five days before and the day after the ovulation. However there are wide possibilities for you to have baby and getting pregnant. The window is open for six days; however the sperm of your husband can stay inside for about a week. So the pregnant possibilities is pretty high especially when you do it around the fertilize window. It is no matter if you are doing sex one day before the fertilize window because the sperm can enter the window by its long life inside the vagina. However if you do the sex a day before the ovulation, the chance is smaller.

Counting the fertilize window is pretty effective to be done especially in determining the most appropriate time for have sex. With the careful measurement, you will have the possibilities of pregnant easily. Although it is easy to determine the widow, you will have some other factors that can affect the timing of the fertilize window. There are some factors; the first is the length of the menstruation cycle. The cycle are different each other. As the woman, you have to know the regular cycle of yours.

Impact of Irregular Period for Pregnancy Timing

Some people are also having trouble in having the regular periods. Their periods are sometimes unpredictable. When a woman has irregular period, it means that the fertilize window is a little bit harder to be decided. It might happen because of various problems. The most common problem that occurs is the presence of PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome. This problem of the eggs is also called as the thyroid disorder. It can prevent the fertilize window of pregnancy is exist, so the immediate medical actions will be needed to solve it off.

When the period is having an often disorder, the sufferer should have the contact with the medical service and ask everything about the problem. Some people are also having difficulties in pregnant because this irregular period. It can be checked by the sequences of tests which can show the result. Trying some tips for pregnancy is also worth to be done, however you will need to consult the medical services, it can be a clinic or a hospital that are specially care about the pregnancy for the women. These factors will influence your effort in preparing the timing.

If the right timing is already found, the women will get easier in predicting the pregnancy. It will also make the whole life plan which are already constructed are capable to be done well. Not all the people are deciding the best timing of the maternity. However the people that construct the timing will be more ready and also well prepared for all the aspects that might occur. The timing can also be discussed with your husband in order to get the most appropriate treatments and mental preparation in facing the maternity. There are no difficulties in choosing the best time for maternity especially if the communication between wide and husband are done well.