When you are expecting a baby, you might want to confirm your pregnancy as soon as possible. The free pregnancy test is an alternative way of confirming your pregnancy. You can get pregnancy test pack from pharmacy store nearby your house. However, the test pack does not come in free. Alternatively, you can go to the doctor. Most hospitals offer pregnancy test procedure that you can follow. Those procedures are going to cost you either. In this article, you are going to get more information on how to confirm your pregnancy without spending money. Some of them might cost you, but that is not as much as if you go to the doctor.

Where You Can Get Free Pregnancy Test?

free pregnancy test
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A pregnancy test can be found in various places. Besides the pharmacy store, you can also get them from the doctor. In this article, we are going to discuss three specific places where you can confirm your pregnancy free of charge. Besides the following places, you can also get cheaper pregnancy test from homemade pregnancy test. Before you get excited about the pregnancy test that is suitable for you, we are going to discuss the places that offer free pregnancy test first. Moreover, we are also going to discuss about the downside of it.

  1. Crisis Pregnancy Center

Most of you might already know that crisis pregnancy center often offer misleading medical information about pregnancy. They open various branches of pregnancy clinics run by religious organization in every state. Those rumors are true. However, if you are not planning to do abortion, this place is the right place to be. They offers free pregnancy test that you need. Moreover, it gives you medical as well as prenatal care for your pregnancy at lower cost. Nevertheless, you need to be careful when you asked them for pregnancy advice. The advices from pregnancy counseling they offer might be biased due to the religious believe they have.

  1. Planned Parenthood

Compared to crisis pregnancy center, Planned Parenthood is not going to give you bias medical information about your pregnancy condition. This facility offers free pregnancy test as well. If you ever need for pregnancy test, you can go to this place. Planned Parenthood opens branches in every state as well. Therefore, you can find them easily. The best thing about this facility is that they are not only provides pregnancy test, but also various medical care. In this place, you can get counseling on birth control, gynecologic exam, ultrasounds, and abortion procedure assistance. All of those services are offered at lower cost.

  1. Local Health Department

The last place to go when you need a free pregnancy test is the nearest local health department. Since government runs this facility, they have a program called family planning service. Pregnancy test is one of the services in this program. Besides the pregnancy test that you can get free of charge, you can also get other services related to your pregnancy. Medical pregnancy care, pregnancy counseling, and contraception advice are other service you can get from the local health department. For those of you who cannot afford to pay medical care for your pregnancy, this facility gives you discount.

As mentioned in the previous explanation, all of the pregnancy tests in those three medical facilities are completely free of charge. However, there is string attached to it. If the test of your pregnancy happens to be positive, you need to get medical pregnancy care at the same place where you are tested. Most people consider that the medical pregnancy care is expensive. Meanwhile the other say that the medical pregnancy cares is fine, especially since you are going to need it soon or later. Since you know where you can find free pregnancy test, you can easily decide which place is the most suitable for your need.

DIY Free Pregnancy Test

If none of those places suits your need, you might want to try homemade pregnancy test. It is not listed as free pregnancy test because you need to purchase several ingredients for it first. However, you do not need to be worried since most of the ingredients are either easy to obtain or inexpensive. Most of the procedure is relatively easy to do. It involves your urine and certain ingredients. You are going to need the morning urine. You produce this certain urine right after you wake up in the morning. This type of urine gives you the best result. All you need to do is to mix it with the ingredients. Each ingredient gives different reaction to indicate whether your pregnancy is positive or not.

You can mix your morning urine with toothpaste. You are suggested to purchase the white plain variety for the best result. If the toothpaste changes color after you add urine in it into bluish color, it means that your pregnancy is positive. You can also mix your urine with sugar. If the sugar form clumps, you can say that you are pregnant as well. Beside those two ingredients, you can also use other ingredients such as vinegar, pine sol, and even dandelion leaves. Since most of the ingredients can be found easily in your home, you can consider it as free pregnancy test.

There is only downside issue related to the free pregnancy test with those ingredients. The main problem is the accuracy of homemade pregnancy test. Some mixture takes time to react after you add your urine. Meanwhile, the reactions of the rest ingredients are not easy to spot. Since you need accurate confirmation related to your pregnancy, homemade pregnancy test is not something you can count on. Moreover, there are no scientific explanations or exact measurement on how much you need the ingredients and how much you need to add your morning urine.

We are going to close this discussion with a conclusion. When you are expecting a baby, finding the reliable source of information is essential. Most places that offers pregnancy test are not free. Some of them might cost you more money compared to free pregnancy test. Crisis pregnancy center, Planned Parenthood, and local health department might offer what you need. However, all of them have downside that you need to be aware. Meanwhile, the homemade pregnancy test method are not reliable enough.