Everyone must be excited to expect the presence a baby in the family. Therefore, pregnancy test is important to do if you want to know whether you are pregnant or not when your period of menstruation is not coming. There are many ways you can do to confirm your pregnancy, like using the pregnancy test that you can get from pharmacy, or consulting to the specialist. Furthermore, you might also need to try some more affordable and easier way to do, which is homemade pregnancy test. To use bleach as pregnancy test is one of domestic method that you can try. Then, how about the accuracy of bleach pregnancy test?

Before you try to find out if bleach pregnancy test is accurate or not, you might know more what domestic or homemade pregnancy exactly is. As you know that pregnancy test is used to tell you whether a woman is pregnant or not through the urine test. Nowadays you can find many modern products of pregnancy test that can give you instant result, but with high accuracy and easy using. However, at the olden days, many women did pregnancy test with the kits and materials that are available at home, like sugar, toothpaste, bleach and many more. Moreover, many women also had proven that the traditional methods are accuracy enough.

How Does Bleach Work for Pregnancy Test?

bleach pregnancy testDo you know what bleach is? It is a kind of chemical liquid that is commonly used for some domestic needs, like whitening or cleaning the clothes, disinfection, and removing the stains. That is why you can easily find it at home, especially under the kitchen sink or laundry room. It is useful because of its oxidation ability. Besides, it can highly react to the other chemicals. The reactions commonly show the form of bubble, fizzy, foam, steam, and many more. Then, if bleach comes to hormone that is produced by pregnant woman, it also can show a reaction like foaming or bubbling.

You must wonder about accuracy of bleach pregnancy test. It cannot be said that this homemade pregnancy test can give one hundred percent of accuracy, but you can try and prove it by yourself. There are many women did it at the past and it works. Besides, there is no different accuracy for expensive or inexpensive bleach products because it gives no significant effect. Therefore, you should not worry, because you can use the product with affordable price, or even the one that is available in your house. However, if you want to get high accuracy, you are better to use regular bleach rather than the other ones that contain of dye and scent.

How to Do Bleach Pregnancy Test?

It is so simple to do pregnancy test with bleach. Besides, you also can get the things you need in doing this test easily, because it requires only few things. They are bleach, basins, rubber gloves, and sample of your urine. You need rubber gloves to keep you safe during the test, because as you know, bleach is a kind of chemical liquid that can be harmful if you have a direct contact to your sensitive area like skin, eyes and many more.

Then, for the bleach, you absolutely can find it easily at stores or even under your kitchen sink. Most people must have this liquid because it is very useful for domestic needs. Moreover, today, you will find at the stores, many products of bleach that has been added additional substance like dye and scent to enhance its performance. However, it is recommended for you to use the regular bleach that definitely can give better accuracy. Then, you will need the bleach only in few amounts that enough for you to see the result of reaction.

Furthermore, you do not need much equipment, but only one basin in medium size to place the bleach and small one to place the sample of your urine. The medium basin will be used as the place for the test, so it should be big enough and sturdy, so that you can do it safely. Besides, you have to pour the bleach or urine carefully, so that it will not spill out from the basin, because it might be dangerous for your safety.

Then, the last thing you need and of course the most important one is your urine. You can put the urine in the small basin. You cannot do the test by taking pee directly on the bleach like what you can do with the modern pregnancy test. It will be very dangerous because the reaction might harm you. Therefore, you should put it first in the small place, before you pour it into the bleach. Then, if you want to know the accuracy of bleach pregnancy test you can start the test and see the result.

If all materials have been prepared, you can start doing the test. First, wear the rubber gloves to keep you safe. Then, pour few amount of bleach as much as about a cup. You do not need it more, because it will not affect to the result. Then, take the basin that contains of your urine. Pour the urine into the bleach carefully. After it, you must wait for few minutes while observing the reaction. If you are pregnant, your urine will contain of chorionic gonadotropin hormone that is only produced by developing fetus. Then, if this urine comes to the bleach, it will give react in a form of foam or bubble. If you this reaction, it means that you have change to be pregnant.

However, if you do not see any changes or reaction of bleach and your urine, you might not pregnant, because it shows negative result. This result is mostly accurate, but if you are still not sure about accuracy of bleach pregnancy test, you can confirm it by consulting to the pregnancy specialist or obstetrician. However, this homemade pregnancy test with bleach is good to try, because it is affordable and easy to do.