Pregnancy may be a new thing for many mothers-to-be. Before you think about the terrifying and risky moment of pregnancy, testing about the pregnancy itself is important. While consulting to doctors seems like a good plan, you can actually do your own homemade pregnancy test. Planning your pregnancy beforehand can make it the most memorable event of your life and doing your own test will definitely bring it up to eleven.

Long Ago, During the Dawn of Homemade Pregnancy Test

homemade pregnancy test
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Apparently, not many women nowadays know about the way of making homemade pregnancy test. This is quiet understandable, because this form of homemade test was created long ago by older people. Natural pregnancy tests with urine were so popular, and it is still now. Besides being reliable, the tests are easy, safe, and definitely inexpensive. By using natural ingredients you can find around, the test itself can be performed many times.

This form of test is taken because of many reasons. For one, the test can be done easily and without putting a lot of effort in paying it. Those who live in rural areas don’t really have access to doctors and proper medical test. This condition continued until the era of technology came, and people had found easier access to proper medical care. Even so, some people still perform homemade pregnancy test because it is still effective. In fact, the homemade test may prove to be more effective than using the pregnancy test kits from the drug stores. The kits may cost you more, and there’s no guarantee that using the kits will show accurate result. Even though no test shows 100% accurate result, there’s nothing wrong in doing your own test as well.

Choose Your Own Homemade Pregnancy Test

Instead of regular ingredients, you can use Tylenol to test your pregnancy. While it may not be available in many shops, Tylenol is nowhere close to expensive. However, this homemade pregnancy test will be complicated to do. First, crush a few Tylenol. Then, add an equal amount of hydrogen peroxide and put the mixture somewhere else. This should be done in order instead of the other way around. After that, get a glass bowl and pee in it. Finally, put the mixture before into the bowl and wait for a while. If the mixture turns blue, the result is positive. If nothing’s changed, you’ll get negative result. This test is less dangerous than using bleach, even though both use chemical reaction.

Simply the most common ingredient you can find, sugar can be used for your homemade pregnancy test. The test itself is very simple, because all you need to do is prepare an empty bowl and fill it with 2 to 3 teaspoons of sugar. Once you do, pee into it directly and observe the reaction of the sugar. Dissolved sugar suggests the result as negative, while clumped sugar shows the result as positive. This happens because the hormone HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) which is produced when an embryo implants itself with placenta, doesn’t allow the sugar to dissolve.

Again, this material is easy to find. Plain toothpaste can prove to be quiet effective for your homemade pregnancy test. Take a small amount of it in a bowl and mix it with the morning urine of yours by using a brush. And again, hormone HCG will take part in this test. The hormone from the urine will mix with the toothpaste and reveal the result. Forth or bluish color shows a positive result. However, beware that this test doesn’t specify about the amount of urine or toothpaste you need, and this may cause some confusion. This mixture will turn frothy anyway after a while, so a balance in the materials and the timing is important.

Yet another easy material you can get. However, this test might be a little bit harder than before, because you will need undiluted urine which comes during the early hours of the morning. Take an empty bowl and fill it with vinegar. Then, add the undiluted urine to the bowl and simply wait to see the result. A negative result is shown when there’s no change of color from the mixed liquid above. But if the mixture shows a change in the color, then the result is positive. Bear in mind that the change of color will almost definitely change after some time, so a keen observation should be done to confirm that the color has indeed changed. For that reason, this homemade pregnancy test might be more complicated than the others

Many women love this test, and so do you. Baking soda is easy to get and can give you an interesting test result. Not only can it detect the positive or negative result, testing your undiluted urine with baking soda can also detect the gender of your baby. Although this can only be proven at about 70%, you can take this homemade pregnancy test for fun. Simply add 1 to 2 teaspoons of baking soda in a bowl and mix it with a few drops your morning, undiluted urine. The result can be one of these: Fizzles like the one you see in a soda pop or the total opposite of it. The former might show that you have a baby boy, while the latter might show that you have a baby girl.

While bleach can be used for your homemade pregnancy test, some cautions must be taken. Because the chemical reaction with urine can cause suffocation, please commence the test in an open place. Collect your first undiluted morning urine and add it to a bowl filled with bleach. Due to the chemical reaction with hormone HCG, a foamed mixture will show positive result. If the mixture remains unchanged, the result is negative. The good thing about this test is the high accuracy of the result.

Homemade pregnancy test with urine is simple to do and quiet effective. Of course, once the tests show positive result, it’s time to confirm it with your nearest clinic and proceed with the next procedure. Regardless, you can make fun experience with the six tests above.