There are plenty of pressures you will have to face during pregnancy. Sometimes, it can depress you even further, more than your previous lifestyle. Thinking about the risks and strict rules of pregnancy, you might find it very depressing instead of being the best moment of your life. Regardless, there are always some ways you can do to make things even more fun. After all, pregnancy is something much more than the physical affair; pregnancy also reshapes the mind and emotion of yours as well. Therefore, having a fun pregnancy moment is recommended. One of the ways you can do to make it happen is playing with exercise ball.

Bounce It Low, High, Low, High

pregnancy exercise balls
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Exercise seems rather uncommon for pregnant women. However, this should not be taken lightly. A simple exercise is actually an excellent way to relieve stress you encounter during pregnancy, because being active physically can increase the regaining of your self-control. As a famous tool for exercise, exercise ball has been used for years in many hospital birthing centers. This exercise ball can actually provide you with so many benefits.

Bouncing with the exercise ball at slow and steady pace is so much fun, and there’s more than a simple fun feeling. Using the ball to stretch your back during pregnancy will strengthen your back, muscles, and legs. This, in return, will condition the abdominal part that is involved in delivering the baby. Practicing birth positions can actually be done with exercise ball. You can also train your pelvic tilt, as it is a vital exercise to relax it and open up the pelvic part. Of course, playing with exercise ball can relax your body and mind as it offers the aid in relaxation and physical relief.

Pregnancy will cause you to bear heavier weight than the usual. Changing your usual posture will strain your rusty old muscles that you don’t really use. This will give you a huge sense of pain. Exercising the supportive muscles surrounding the spine with exercise ball will give you a better posture and less prone to backache. Moreover, general relaxation and massage are the general benefits of using exercise ball, and you can always reap such benefits. The flexibility of the ball gives you more comfort than using chair, so you can consider the exercise ball as a chair.

Balls for Perfect Pregnancy

The benefits of exercise balls are plenty, and these can help you during the pregnancy greatly. However, there are some important things you need to consider when using it. If you plan to use exercise ball for a long time, you will require a high-quality ball with the suitable style and size. Make sure that the ball has excellent quality with burst-resistance material that can inflate easily. Having a ball that can deflate slowly when punctured or torn will give you safety when you’re getting off the ball. For compatible usage, consider having a ball with a pump than can be used easily and some extra stoppers. The most important thing is to find the suitable ball that fits with the size of your body.

Once you’ve found the right exercise ball, it’s about time to strengthen your core muscles. This is important to sustain successful labor and healthy pregnancy. Using it can help you in pushing the baby during the delivering, as it activates the muscles to maintain good postures.

There are also some basic exercises you can take if you are new to this sort of exercise. Because you are using a huge exercise ball for your exercise, this form of training might be a little bit awkward at first. If you’re still unsure about the way you use the ball, you can try some of these exercises.

  1. Wall squat

This exercise targets the thighs and buttocks of yours. For the first step, place the ball between the wall and the small part of the back. The exact position is when you can barely see the tips of the toes as you look down. Then, simply sit down and do a squat. Take note that you need to be able to wiggle the toes because the whole weight of your body should be placed in your heels. After that, stand up slowly and repeat the processes eight to ten times.

  1. Pregnant push up

This exercise targets your chest. First of all, stand up in front of a wall as you hold the exercise ball at arms’ length away from your body. At the chest level, gently push the ball against the wall and keep the body straight and the feet being put firmly on the ground. Then, bend the elbows slowly and push the chest toward the ball. Finally, push away from the ball slowly by putting the elbows in straight position. Repeat these processes eight to ten times.

Another important thing to do is to always remember the guidelines when you are about to start the exercise program with the exercise ball. If you don’t do exercise regularly before getting pregnant, there might be some difficulties during the progress of the exercise. Always listen to your body and watch out for the limit of it, because forcing your body will always make things worse for you and the baby. Remain hydrated by drinking plenty of water during the exercise. There might be a need to keep your heart rate and breathing in check. The heart rate should not exceed 140 beats per minute during exercise. Remember to detect the weather of the room, as well. Although this sounds trivial, doing ball exercise at extreme altitude or in humid and hot environments will affect the baby and your body, thus increasing the risk of getting overheated.

Overall, exercising your body with exercise ball during pregnancy is always helpful. Fun and helpful, there’s nothing wrong in practicing your ball exercise with different styles and purposes. By doing such exercise, you can keep your body and mind happy and healthy during pregnancy. Preparing such benefits enables you to feel ready when you are faced with the climax of the pregnancy.