When women have a baby, they will experience many things that can be crucial for their own health and baby, even small matter like maternity pillow. Having good sleep at night makes them better to go through the day without too much trouble. Based on scientific research, sleeping influences most of human body functions such as digestive, nerve, blood circulatory, and respiration. In pregnancy period, sleeping increases level of health by keeping metabolism on stable state. Digestive system has to obtain nutritious foods to supply adequate energy and nutrient for mother and baby as well. Eating good food will make stomach calm then create comfortable condition at night.

Picking maternity pillow is like purchasing health product that affect directly to mother body. Buying it is simple matter because you can just go to baby and mom stores then buy one of their product. The important part is how to get the right pillow for women in maternity period. Good pillow can heal tiredness and exhausted condition in mother that increase life quality. When sleeping in wrong pillow, neck and shoulder will get wrecked because this thing cannot handle pressure for long time. Imagine if this situation occur in women with maternity period! Instead of waking in cheerful condition, their morning will be messed then they cannot have enough spirit for the rest of day. If this condition gets worse every day, their health will be down and take time for curing it. That is reason why special pillow is crucial for women in maternity.

Maternity Pillow Functions

excellent maternity pillow
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General idea of maternity pillow functions has been mentioned above. In this section, you will get more comprehensive capability of this kind of pillow that used to be special item for women in maternity period. Basic function of pillow is to keep neck and shoulder on right position when sleeping. This function is similar when women use maternity type pillow at night. In neck, blood vessel will go up to brain then down to spinal bone. Good pillow supports blood circulatory perfectly to prevent external tension while sleeping upward. Moreover, head and back is not in proper alignment if you sleep without pillow and very dangerous for more than five hours. Plain sleeping at bed with no pillow might disturb blood circulatory smoothly.

Research shows that brain function at night increase exponentially, even body fall asleep. It is different from awake condition when people can control the brain to use whatever they want. One of effect on this state is dreaming that require too much energy from blood system. Maternity pillow supports brain to gain necessary energy in order to keep balance between upper and lower body. You may heard about digestive system works actively at night. At simple logical view, sleeping is no muscle movement and cannot think anything on head. Why does body need energy? Anything appears on outside might not the same at inside because sleeping is the right time for internal organ to work. Women in maternity period have to be in good condition while not all of organ functions get disturbance from blood circulatory at night.

Another function is emotional state. It still has connection with physical side because good feeling comes from excellent physical condition. Having baby will strip all of attention and energy then recover is not anything easy. There is mental breakdown after women gave birth which very dangerous if it is not treated properly. She may have good health at outside after recovering from childbirth then start maternity period, but this condition is very different at mental side. This is why maternity pillow comes up as solution.

Maternity may not main substance for mental breakdown for women but act as trigger that no longer can be resisted. Pregnancy is too much for young women to get physiological turmoil on their head then having baby will increase this situation. This internal factor may easy to cure as long as they have support from close person such as husband or parents. To gain better mood at morning, sleeping is necessary that reduce much tension on brain. In order to get good sleeping, maternity pillow offers convenient aspect that enhances emotional state after lie head on top of it.

Tips to Get Excellent Maternity Pillow

Texture plays important role to make excellent maternity pillow because sleeping with bad pillow will ruin everything in the morning. Good pillow for this situation have to obtain firmness and softness at the same time. Pillow have to be clean from any uncomfortable pattern and texture at cover which can disturb body skin. When sleeping toward left or right side, you will put too much pressure on ear and cheek, so pillow has to be very smooth not to against face bone at those area.

Good pillow is not the biggest and larger one, so head can lie on surface completely. It is not too small that only handle tiny spot on back of the head. Maternity pillow has to obtain precise size that accommodates whole side of head then some extended area to support side sleeping. Actually, normal length and width of pillow are enough to keep mother sleep diligently at night. However, the problem might be on thickness that has connection with texture. Pillow can back in normal size after being used for long time because you do not want to change this item every time. Having baby will consume much time than make sleeping cannot be done properly. Therefore, pillow should be lightweight to be brought on other places.

Another important tip is using good material that can last long and maintain softness for rough sleeping. Down feather is one of the right materials for maternity pillow because it comes from nature that safe for mother and baby. You have to avoid synthetic material, which can induce allergy situation for baby or problem on skin. Material for pillow is not only inside part, but also on its case. Therefore, both of them should be able to support the sleeping properly.

The last thing is hygiene which becomes crucial factor for mother and baby. Maternity pillow should be easy to wash and clean then it can resist from dust and pollution. Lack of hygiene will let pillow to become good place for bacteria and virus. As you know, baby immune system is not strong as adult, so dirty pillow will be dangerous.