Pregnancy is a natural cycle of life that happens to mature women. It is important for a woman to do a pregnancy test, especially if she is expecting a baby. Homemade pregnancy test is an alternative way of confirming a pregnancy. Visiting a doctor to confirm the pregnancy might cost more than pregnancy test pack that is available in pharmacy store. Meanwhile, the DIY pregnancy test is easy to make and cost you almost nothing. Luckily, there are plenty variations of the pregnancy test that you can make by yourself. The following explanation is going to help you the reason why you want to consider using this type of pregnancy test.

Why You Need to Use Homemade Pregnancy Test?

homemade pregnancy test
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The price is always the best reason for using homemade pregnancy test. Compared to doctor service and pregnancy test pack in pharmacy, the DIY pregnancy test is certainly cheaper. If you want to confirm your pregnancy by visiting the doctor, you might need to wait in line for a long time. In certain situation, pregnancy is considered as embarrassing situation for a woman. For those of you who prefer secrecy, you can do the pregnancy test in private. You are the only one knows about the result of the test. Moreover, waiting the result of the pregnancy test from the doctor might make some women anxious. By doing the pregnancy test by yourself, you can know the result as soon as possible.

Various Methods of Homemade Pregnancy Test

  1. Toothpaste

Believe or not, you can use toothpaste as your pregnancy test. This homemade pregnancy test is inexpensive, especially if you already have the ingredients for it. As the name of the method suggests, the main ingredients for it is toothpaste. However, you are going need the plain white one. Avoid using the fancy toothpaste that is made out of gel. Put a small amount of toothpaste in a secure container such as saucer. Add few drops of urine on it. Generally, two types of reaction might happen that indicates positive pregnancy. Those reactions are either the toothpaste starts to form foam or it turns into light blue from its original white color.

  1. Bleach

Besides using toothpaste as pregnancy test, you can also use bleach as a homemade pregnancy test. Bleach is easy to obtain. You can found it on the laundry shelf. Commonly, people use it to whiten their clothes. Alternatively, you can also use it to confirm your pregnancy. The process is relatively easy and straightforward. All you need to do is pour the bleach in a clean container. Add your urine in it with ratio 50:50. The mixture of those liquids is going to create a chemical reaction. If it starts to fizzes and form foam on top of it, it means that you have a positive pregnancy.

  1. Sugar

Sugar can also be used as a homemade pregnancy test. This household item can be found lying around in your kitchen. People usually use this certain ingredients to sweeten their tea. The process of using sugar to confirm your pregnancy is relatively the same as the other method. Put several teaspoons of sugar in secure container. You can add your urine on it by urinating directly to the container. This mixture is going to create a chemical reaction. If the sugar forms clumps, it means that you are pregnant. If the sugar is dissolves, it indicates negative pregnancy. The best time for conducting the test is after you wake up. However, you can also conducting the test at any time. You need to collect your urine in the closed container and let it concentrated first before you add to the sugar.

  1. Dandelion leaves

Those methods are modern methods of pregnancy test. There is also natural homemade pregnancy test. This method is developed in ancient times but still works perfectly. It involves dandelion leaves. You can easily found dandelion in your backyard or in the garden. Pick dandelion leaves that grow in the shade for optimum effect. After you collect few of them, put them in secure container that is not penetrable by the sunlight. At home, you can soak them in the urine. Check it after ten minutes. It indicates positive pregnancy if the leaves turn reddish. If it is not, check it again after another ten minutes to make sure.

  1. Vinegar

The other household item that you can use as homemade pregnancy test is vinegar. Compared to other ingredients, vinegar might be the cheapest one. Collect our morning urine in a clean container. Add a cup of vinegar in it. Let it react for a while. If the color of the mixture is change, it means that you are pregnant. In order to make sure, you need to observe the color changes closely. It may take a while for the color to change.

  1. Pine sol

You might use pine sol as a cleaning product. However, you can also use it for different purposes. It can be used as a homemade pregnancy test. You are going to need a non-scented pine sol. You can found this product in any grocery store near your house. The same as vinegar pregnancy test, you need to add morning urine in the pine sol liquid. It may also take a while for the mixture to react. If the mixture changes the color, it means you are pregnant.

After reading those homemade pregnancy test methods, you might wonder what makes those ingredients react to your urine. Generally, when a woman got pregnant, she produces a human chorionic gonadotropin. This certain hormone is released by the cells on the placenta. It serves as the protector that is also provides nutrition for the eggs in the uterus wall. This hormone is mixed with women urine. Therefore, when you mix the urine contained this hormone, you can see various reactions. Those reaction might different depends on what types of ingredients you use. The pregnancy test pack that is sold in the pharmacy store works in the same process.

Confirming your pregnancy by those methods might be easy and inexpensive. However, it has certain drawbacks in those methods. All of them has problem with the accuracy of the result. Furthermore, the reaction might not be able to see clearly. Foaming, clumping, and color changing are vague indicators. Those happen due to the lack of scientific data on the homemade pregnancy test methods. Confirming pregnancy is a critical moment in some cases. Counting on less accurate test might be an issue.