Have you ever heard about bleach pregnancy test? For modern women, they might do not know about this homemade pregnancy test, but in the past, many women did it. Your grandmother or even your mother might know how to do it. Pregnancy test with bleach is accurate enough, easy to do, and of course affordable. If you are expecting a baby, to do pregnancy test with high accuracy is really important. There are many methods you can do, including some traditional ways that can be done easily at home. One of those traditional methods for pregnancy test is using the bleach. If you want to try it, you also should know why it can be used as pregnancy test, how accurate it is, and how to do it.

Is Bleach Pregnancy Test Accurate?

homemade pregnancy testYou need to do pregnancy test if you want to know whether you are pregnant or not when your menstruation period is not coming. You can go to drugstore or pharmacy to buy pregnancy kits and go to obstetrician or pregnancy specialist to confirm your condition. Moreover, if you have no time for visiting the doctor or have no budget to buy the costly pregnancy kits, you can try one of homemade pregnancy tests. You should not worry, because the method is safe and not too hard to do.

There are several homemade pregnancy tests you can choose, like using vinegar, pine sol, toothpaste, sugar, dandelion, and bleach. The last option might be one of those methods that can offer high accuracy and simple steps to do. You must be curious how this chemical liquid can be used as pregnancy test. Even though it is such a dangerous substance, it can be really useful if you do it carefully.

Bleach is a kind of chemical liquid that is able to highly react to other chemical substances, including woman’s hormone of chorionic gonadotropin that is commonly produced by developing fetus’s placenta. There are numerous forms of the bleach reaction when it comes to the other substance, like bubbling, foaming, fizzing, steaming and many more. Commonly, bleach that is mixed with pregnant woman’s urine will give reaction in a form of foam or bubble. This is why bleach can be used to indicate if a woman is pregnant or not. Then, is pregnancy test with bleach able to give high accuracy?

It cannot be denied that there is none pregnancy test that can give a hundred percent of accuracy, because there must be an error. However, bleach pregnancy test is mostly accurate because many women even have proven it. Moreover, there is no varied level of accuracy for different brand of bleach. All of bleach products will give similar result as long as you use the original one. It is not recommended for you to use bleach that contains of dye or additional scent. If the bleach has been added with other substance, it cannot be used as pregnancy test, because the result will not be similar with the original one.

Therefore, this kind of homemade pregnancy test can be a good option for you who cannot afford any pregnancy test kits or consultation. You can buy a bleach product that is offered in low price of even use the bleach that is available in your house. It is because bleach can be found easily at home. Moreover, a regular bleach product without any scent and dye commonly has lower price, yet more accurate result. However, if you are still not sure of the result you might confirm it by using more advanced test.

How to Do Bleach Pregnancy Test?

Nowadays, you can find easily many product of pregnancy test that offers high accuracy with simple use. However, they are also offered in costly price. Then, to make a domestic pregnancy test might be a good solution. One of easiest method you can try is to do pregnancy test with bleach. You must usually use this chemical liquid for domestic uses like cleaning or whitening clothes, removing stains on home properties or even using it as disinfection. Furthermore, you even can make it more useful by using it as pregnancy test. Then, here are the simple steps you should do to make it.

First, you have to prepare the things you need for the test. There are not many items required to do bleach pregnancy test. You only need bleach two containers that are small and medium size, rubber gloves and the sample of your urine. You should do it in quite large room or any room with good air circulation. It is fine to do the test in bathroom, but you are better to let the window or door open. It is because the reaction that is made by bleach like the steam can irritate your respiration. Before you start the test, you are recommended to wear the gloves so it will keep you safe.

Then, you must fill the small container with the sample of your urine. It is dangerous if you do it directly by taking pee on the bleach. If the urine is ready, you can prepare the bleach, by pouring a few amount of it into the medium container. Next step is starting the test. You can pour the urine into the bleach carefully. Then, wait for few minutes and see if there is reaction or not. If you see the bubbles or foams, it means you have big chance to be pregnant. However, if there is no significant change on the bleach, it shows negative result.

Now you know another benefit of bleach that is very useful for many women who want to know about their pregnancy. Besides, domestic pregnancy test with bleach has been done since years ago and it is believed to be one of accurate pregnancy test. You really can do it by yourself at home because it is very simple and the things you need are also easy to find. Another reason why this homemade pregnancy test is recommended to try is because it is affordable.