How to Breastfeed and Bottle Feeding

breastfeed and bottle
You may question whether you should only breastfeed or combine breastfeed and bottle feeding. Basically, bottle feeding doesn’t always mean that you use the industrial milk and combine it with your breast milk to give it to your baby. Instead, it can mean that you give your breast milk with a bottle. This is...

Breastfeed at Work – Tips for Preparations

Breastfeed at Work
Breastfeed at work is only normal and a common practice across the world. Many women have successfully combined breastfeeding and working. Nowadays, a lot of workplaces have greater awareness regarding the importance of family responsibilities that every individual has. Therefore, the companies have included more new policies related to this matter. In fact, the...

Tips for Breastfeeding First Time Mom You Should Know

breastfeeding first time mom
There are a lot of fears for breastfeeding first time mom when it comes about breastfeeding her baby, but do not worry as we are here to help. We compiled a list of things that new moms probably do not know in regards to breastfeeding their baby. Breastfeeding first time mom tips and facts...

15 Interesting Facts on Breastfeeding All Mom Should Know

facts on breastfeeding
Even until today, we still do not know the whole facts on Breastfeeding, but we compiled some of the most important facts about it that any mother and soon to be mother should know. Some of these facts are downright weird, but the others are commonly known, but one thing is for certain, proper...