Supplementing Breast Milk Facts You Should Know

suplementing breast milk
Supplementing breast milk might make you think twice. You probably think that the supplementing is rather not so good habit and not really suitable for your baby’s health. However, for some reasons, you cannot be able to avoid the supplementing. When you back to work, you could not provide enough breast milk for the...

How to Breastfeed for Working Moms

breastfeed for working moms
Continue to breastfeed for working moms to give breast milk to the baby after going back to work needs a process. You can face the entire challenges when you hit breastfeeding grove. The challenges when you return working are like pumping, stockpiling the breast milk in home, negotiating place and time to pump, introducing...

Tips to Breastfeed Sleepy Baby

breastfeed sleepy baby
It is so normal that newborn babies really like to take a lot of sleep. This condition is great as long as it is not becoming problem that make them get improper feeding. If sleeping a lot turns into problem, then you should find a way to breastfeed sleepy baby. Every mother must be...

Is It Safe to Breastfeed during Pregnancy?

breastfeed during pregnancy
You must be happy that pregnancy test you take confirms your pregnancy. When a new baby is on your womb you feel really excited. However, at the same time you cannot help with your toddler. Then again, he is still breastfeeding. This makes breastfeed during pregnancy leads you to some concerns and questions. You...

Breastfeed on Demand – Is It a Better Choice?

breastfeeding on demand
One of the most common questions asked by mother is whether breastfeed on demand a better option. In this article, further explanation regarding this question will be shared. This activity which is also called as baby led feeding or feeding on cue is about flexibly responding to baby’s hunger cues. In other words, when...