Pregnancy cannot only caused by legal marriage relationship. In some cases, pregnancy might happen unplanned. Most of raping cases are the main causes of unplanned pregnancy. Most women who shock after that accident might visit a crisis pregnancy center for consultation. In this article, we are going to discuss more about this organization. Moreover, we will also talk about whether it is necessary to visit one of them or not. Some tips are included to give you more information about it. It is important for some inexperienced women to understand this organization. They might get misleading information related to pregnancy from it.

What is Crisis Pregnancy Center?

crisis pregnancy center
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The crisis pregnancy center is categorized as non-profit organization. It is established with a mission to give counseling for pregnant women. Most of the counseling persuades the woman with unplanned pregnancy to avoid having abortion. Their purposes might seem noble. However, they use inaccurate medical information data. Those data might look scientific. To support their persuasion, this organization uses medical equipment such as sonogram, pregnancy test, or other scientific equipment. That equipment is capable of giving honest result of the pregnancy. Fortunately, the medical worker of this organization gives misleading result so that the pregnant women do not abort their pregnancy.

Before it turns into an organization, crisis pregnancy center was a movement. Robert Pearson is the name of a person who is the founder of the organization. In 1967, it opens a branch in Honolulu soon after Hawaii legalized abortion. They fight this legalization by open some clinics close to the abortion facilities. However, those clinics do not have any legal license. Moreover, it does not give medical services at all. The pregnancy test offered by this organization is free. Therefore, inexperienced women with unplanned pregnancy come to those clinics for pregnancy test. After those women were checked, this organization forbids them from abortion by giving false medical information.

Misleading Medical Information Told By Crisis Pregnancy Center

The crisis pregnancy center uses old scientific data in order to give misleading information for the consulting pregnant women. Various recent researches prove that most of the information they give are incorrect. Those scientific data given by this organization are discredited by recent accurate researches. The misleading information includes the danger of abortion, the importance of parenting, childbirth information and so on. Generally, it depends on the individual issues consulted. False medical information might bring harm to the pregnant women. Therefore, consulting an unplanned pregnancy requires qualified and professional medical examiners. The following data are misleading information told by this organization.

Videos and pictures about pregnancy might be used by crisis pregnancy center to prove their arguments. The media used in the consultation involves scientific data. However, the data incorporates in it is not entirely accurate. Most of the videos and pictures explain about parenting, adoption, and abortion. The danger of abortion is emphasizes with inaccurate information to discourage you from aborting your pregnancy. This organization might let you decide what you are going to do with your pregnancy. Before they let you to do so, false scientific data are presented to lead your mind for not doing dangerous abortion.

The crisis pregnancy center might also inform you with false pregnancy test result. After the pregnancy test is conducted, this organization might tell you that you are not pregnant. However, in the real life, you are pregnant. Therefore, you might thing that there is nothing to be worried. However, when you realize that they are lying, you are far too late. Doing an abortion when the fetus grows older obviously bring harm to your body. You have no other option except to let the baby to be born. Since you do not aware of your pregnancy, you do not get any prenatal care. That is the reason why this misleading medical result is dangerous for you.

Most birth controls are effective in order to prevent unplanned pregnancy. However, crisis pregnancy center might say that those birth controls bring more harm than good to your body. They support this claim by using inaccurate data. Certain diseases and issues are used to support this argument. By using various methods, they want to discourage you from using those effective birth controls. Since you are not using any birth controls at all, the chance of you getting pregnant is high. Moreover, unprotected sexual activity is going to make you become vulnerable to dangerous sexual infections.

In order to discourage you from doing abortion, crisis pregnancy center might also correlate abortion to breast cancer. The risk of someone to get breast cancer is low. However, this organization might tell you otherwise. They might claim that the chance of someone getting breast cancer is increasing after abortion. In fact, a legal and professional cancer research facility such as National Cancer Institute says that breast cancer has nothing to do with abortion. Besides breast cancer, they are also relating abortion to post-traumatic stress disorder. Therefore, it is important for you to find the valid information related to your pregnancy and keep the fact straight.

After you read the information given by crisis pregnancy center, you might want to be careful when you go to pregnancy clinics. In your town, there are fake clinics offer consultations about unplanned pregnancy. However, those clinics run by this organization. Therefore, you need to be able to distinguish which are the fake clinics and which are legal clinics that give professional medical information. The following tips are going to help you to choose the legal clinic that provides legal consultation.

You are not recommended to make an appointment to any pregnancy clinic. You need to be sure that the clinic is not run by the organization first. In order to do so, you can ask other official medical care facility. Ask your neighbors or friends about where they consult their pregnancy. Alternatively, the National Abortion Federation also provides list of legal pregnancy clinics. As the bottom line of this brief explanation, you need to understand the danger of misleading medical information from crisis pregnancy center. In order to decide the best solution for your pregnancy, you need to consult it to trusted pregnancy clinic or medical care facility.