Breastfeed at work is only normal and a common practice across the world. Many women have successfully combined breastfeeding and working. Nowadays, a lot of workplaces have greater awareness regarding the importance of family responsibilities that every individual has. Therefore, the companies have included more new policies related to this matter. In fact, the legislation exists to guarantee that no individual with family responsibilities should be discriminated by their employer. Usually, you can find the further information regarding this matter from the local ABA group. This information contains details about the breastfeeding importance for the employees and also all the requirements of the breastfeeding employees.

2Tips during Breastfeeding

Follow these simple practical tips you can do while breastfeeding at work.

  1. Arrange for childcare that is close to your office. This way, it will be easier for you to breastfeed during the breaks, after and also before you go to work. Make sure to have evening feed because it is a wonderful and relaxing way to spend time with your baby.
  2. If you have someone else to take care of your baby at work, make sure to breastfeed around the clock especially when you are at work. This milk should be stored so you can give it to your baby after work.
  3. To fit your activity especially if you have become busy, you can try combining breastfeeding and also bottle feeding.
  4. Make sure to label your expressed breast milk every time you are done expressing so you know which milk you should give first.
  5. If you are a person with tendency to get panic, you should do trial run with the closest childcare before you return to work.

Nevertheless, being a mother is a really great experience. Even though it can be quite difficult and complicated, it will not make you regret the decision you have made to breastfeed at work.