Breastfeed at work is only normal and a common practice across the world. Many women have successfully combined breastfeeding and working. Nowadays, a lot of workplaces have greater awareness regarding the importance of family responsibilities that every individual has. Therefore, the companies have included more new policies related to this matter. In fact, the legislation exists to guarantee that no individual with family responsibilities should be discriminated by their employer. Usually, you can find the further information regarding this matter from the local ABA group. This information contains details about the breastfeeding importance for the employees and also all the requirements of the breastfeeding employees.

1Tips before Breastfeeding at Work

Before you start to get to work and also breastfeeding at work, it is better to do several preparations. For instance, you have to have a discussion with your employer regarding the breastfeeding requirements that you should fulfill. It is advised to discuss it before your maternity leave. Then, make sure that your office has private room for you to breastfeed. The room usually comes with comfortable chair, storage and refrigerator to store your breast milk. Usually, lunch and other breaks are the right time for you to do express your milk. Make sure to check on the attitudes of the Personnel Group / Human Resource Group / Equal Employment Opportunity Officer regarding the breastfeeding policies.

Then, talk to your employer about whether you can bring your baby with you at work. And discuss about the flexible work hours that can you get. Since breastfeed at work can be a tiring and complicated thing to do, you should always be positive, persistent and creative. Other employee may complaints but this should not hold you back as long as you are allowed by your company to do it. And, make sure to use electric breast pump so you can express your milk way much faster.