When a woman gets pregnant, she has urge to get information about her condition. Pregnancy Resource Center is a clinic that gives information about pregnancy. If you are a pregnant woman with the same condition, this clinic is the one you are looking for. However, you need to be careful of fake pregnancy clinic. Most of them look like ordinary maternity clinic. However, they give you misleading medical information regarding to your condition. In this article, we are going to discuss about this fake pregnancy clinic. Moreover, you will also get information about what their purposes are. In the end, you are going to get several useful tips on how to distinguish the fake pregnancy clinic and the legal one.

Before we talk about what needs to be aware from fake Pregnancy Resource Center, it is important for us to understand about abortion first. Abortion is legal in States if it happens in certain circumstances such as unplanned pregnancy or raping. Those fake clinics are run by a religious organization. This certain organization has anti-abortion believe and try to spread it without the permission of pregnant women. It is okay if you want to abort your pregnancy due to unplanned pregnancy or raping. However, those fake clinics do terrible methods to make discourage your abortion. The following are the methods you need to be aware.

Pregnancy Resource Center Do not Give Misleading Medical Information

fake Pregnancy Resource Center
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It is important for a pregnant woman to get the accurate information related to her medical condition. Therefore, they go to pregnancy clinic to get the information they needs. Unfortunately, some of them go to the fake Pregnancy Resource Center run by religious organization. If you happen to have unplanned pregnancy, the medical employees of those pregnancy clinics are going to suggest you not to do abortion. It is important for you to know that whether you want to deliver the baby or to abort your pregnancy is your decision. The medical employees on pregnancy clinic only have the authority to give you counseling. A question might pop up on your mind, how does the fake pregnancy clinic mislead their patients?

  1. False Result of Pregnancy Test

Most of Pregnancy Resource Center clinics offer pregnancy test. However, not all of them give the honest result related to your condition, although the pregnancy test is free of charge. Since the pregnancy clinics are run by religious organization that anti-abortion, the may fake the result. When they know you have unplanned sexual intercourse and the test says that you are positive, they might tell you otherwise. This is dangerous for two reasons. First, since you do not know that you are pregnant, you do not get prenatal care that you need. Second, you continue your pregnancy without knowing about it. Abortion becomes more risky if the fetus getting older. When you eventually know that you are pregnant, it is going be too late.

  1. Misleading Counseling

Besides pregnancy test, Pregnancy Resource Center also offers pregnancy counseling. However, the fake pregnancy clinics are going to give you misleading medical information. The information is usually based on old medical data that is not credible any more. They might say that women will never emotionally recover from the abortion they did. Moreover, they also say that birth control introduces dangerous chemical substances into your body. The only purpose of this misleading medical information from the counseling is to discourage you from your abortion options. Pregnancy counselor should give honest and professional information about pregnancy. Therefore, you can get all you need to know about whether you want to abort your pregnancy or keep the baby.

  1. Sophisticated Medical Equipment

The result of sophisticated medical equipment is generally accurate. You can found medical equipment such as ultrasound scanner in any pregnancy clinics. You can also found it in the fake Pregnancy Resource Center as well. Since this certain equipment gives you honest result, why they incorporated in their clinics? Although the equipment is functional, but it does not means they cannot fake the result. They give fake result to the pregnant patients after the ultrasound scanner checks their condition. The sophisticated scanner is going to give impression that the result of the test is legitimate. Therefore, you need to be careful with the scanning procedure they force you to do.

  1. Advertise as Legal Pregnancy Clinic

The fake Pregnancy Resource Center spread advertising as if they are legal pregnancy clinics. When you look at those advertisements, you might not be able to distinguish whether it is the fake pregnancy clinics or the legal one. However, if you come to visit the clinics you are going to realize something that is not supposed to be happening. For example, the medical employee does not have the license they should have to do certain procedure. They might dress like a medical employee with license, but they do not act like a professional.

How to Avoid Fake Pregnancy Resource Center

Now that you already know the danger of fake Pregnancy Resource Center, you might want to avoid them. There are several ways of knowing whether a pregnancy clinic gives you the medical information you need or gives you fake information that lead you not to do the abortion. Here are the tips on how to avoid those clinics.

  1. Ask your friend

Find a friend or neighbor with the same condition as yours. If they ended up having an abortion, ask where the pregnancy clinic they went. Since the fake pregnancy clinic discourages you from abortion, the clinic that assists their abortion must be the legal Pregnancy Resource Center one. You do not need to be worry to do abortion in legal pregnancy clinic. All of the medical employee in that place are professional and have the license.

  1. Check the official website

Whether pregnancy clinic is legal or not, they usually have a website. Visit the website and check if they offer abortion procedure assistance. However, this method might not be accurate since the fake pregnancy clinics offer the same thing. Although they have the facilities to do the abortion, they are not using them. The most accurate way to know whether a Pregnancy Resource Center is legal or run by religious organization is by checking the website. The official website of National Abortion Federation gives you the list of pregnancy clinics that provide both professional pregnancy counseling or abortion procedure.